Samson Life Challenge

The Samson LIFE Challenge offers a simple roadmap to begin a transformational LIFE journey that results from mind mastery, daily habits, a positive attitude and the inspiring power of words.

What is it?  

The Samson LIFE Challenge is a lifestyle transformation. You are constantly growing, evolving, and improving, so the Challenge is there every step of the way. The Challenge commits you to complete daily tasks that form lifelong habits within the three Samson LIFE pillars of Wisdom, Wellness and Wealth. Daily and continued success in each of these areas will lead to a positive attitude, better health and an abundant life.  

Why the Samson LIFE?

Samson was the strongest and most powerful human. Who doesn’t like the story of Samson? His unbelievable accomplishments were the result of lifelong commitments, personal confidence and the power of divine words. The Samson story is one of commitment, strength, redemption and determination. The Samson LIFE Challenge helps you to find your inner strength and personal commitment to create your own success.

How does it work?  

The Samson Life Challenge is based on the three pillars of Wisdom, Wellness, and Wealth. We love alliteration. The Wisdom Pillar has happiness and connection at its foundation. The Wellness Pillar teaches fitness and nutrition. The Wealth Pillar helps you find your abundance and dreams. When you begin, we will challenge you to complete three daily actions in each pillar to form proven habits of success.

Every 30 days, we will offer one more action from each pillar, adding depth to your learning and behavior development. Along with new tasks every 30 days, you will receive additional educational materials to assist you in the program and improving your life. We believe learning is a lifelong endeavor. Additional habits, learning and activities are available if you want to go the extra mile.

Every 90 days, we encourage you to take time to reset and refocus. You will take the initial evaluation to recognize your improvement and assess areas that still need growth. You will also reset your goals, your “why”, and your power words. This is a fun and exciting way to keep the Challenge fresh for you every day when you log in.

Along the way, we will also provide unexpected challenges, fun activities and bonus rewards. An unending supply of motivation is a given.

Why should I commit to this?  

Only through sustained commitment can you make lasting change. The Samson LIFE Challenge will help you find your inner strength, take back your life and achieve your dreams.