Samson LIFE believes in the power of words to transform lives.


Whether through science or through our own experiences, we know words have the power to create or destroy, lift or lay waste. Your thoughts and words matter and have power.

You literally create the world you live in through the power of your thoughts and your words. That’s probably exciting and frightening. And isn’t that what great adventures are all about?

So grab your things. We invite you to embark on a journey to explore one of the most powerful forces in the history of man and to use this proven power of words to transform YOU!

There are two ways to do that.


The Samson LIFE Challenge

is a simple roadmap, inspired by the power of words, to begin a meaningful LIFE transformation. It is:
A lively pursuit for truth and belonging
A playful plan for healthy living
A spirited quest for an abundant and rich life


Samson LIFE Gear and Samson WEAR

Samson LIFE Gear and Samson WEAR places motivating words and phrases on athletic apparel and gear you can buy to boost your attitude and energize your efforts.