Who says transformation can’t be fun? There is nothing more motivating, exciting and rewarding than seeing positive results in your own life. And we strongly encourage silly, exuberant celebrations as you complete every milestone and move forward on your joyful journey of transformation.

Until you can see and celebrate your own success, check some of the real results of others. After all, videos don’t lie. See for yourself.

“Before I started the challenge, I was living a hell on earth. I was depressed and scared, and it hurt to get out of the bed. The challenge gave me a reason to get out of bed with a real smile on my face. I went from being just an average player on the soccer team to a starter and team captain. And, I gained muscle weight in the process.” – Andrew P.

“The Challenge takes the gifts that you’re given and accentuates them, so you can move forward and benefit personally and professionally. The last three months of the Challenge have been the best three months of my practice.” – Kyle K.

“The Challenge changed my life in the first three days. It lays it all out in simple ways from the eating plan to connecting with people in positive ways. It’s brilliant, mind-blowing change in only three days. I can only imagine what it will be like in 90 days.” – Hector G.


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