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How to Transform Your Life

A Life Transformed

In March 2011, my transformation story was featured on and become the most viewed story in its category. This catapulted me to a viral success. Overnight, I was flooded with emails from people who found hope and encouragement in my story and my innovative use of power phrases to energize my climb from tree house to triumph.

With this rush of requests for help, I founded Samson Wear and Samson LIFE, inspirational companies that use the proven power of words to help catapult people to positive, life-long change. Samson Wear places motivating words and phrases on athletic apparel to boost attitude and achievement. Samson LIFE offers a transformational program, training, coaching/mentoring, and workshops. This life-transforming journey results from mind mastery, daily habits, a positive attitude and the stirring power of words.

Why Samson?

Samson was the strongest and most powerful human to walk the earth. Who doesn’t enjoy Samson’s historic story of strength, commitment and redemption? His unbelievable physical accomplishments were the result of lifelong commitments, personal confidence and the power of divine words. Samson demonstrated unbelievable achievement and ultimate redemption. The Samson story is one of commitment, strength and determination.

The Samson Effect

I continued to receive requests from people asking how I transformed my body in such a dramatic way. They were seeing the outward manifestation of a greater inner transformation. In answer to their requests, I broke down my process into 5 steps and wrote a book about it. I called it The Samson Effect.

The Samson Effect is five powerful actions that help you discover the inner strength that leads to liberating transformation. It is the key that unlocks the power within each of us to do great things. In other words, it is the secret sauce of change.

1. Think Positive Thoughts

It all begins with your thoughts. Your mind is your superpower. You become what you think and your life flows in the direction of your thoughts. Positive thoughts lead to positive results.

2. Speak About Your Dreams

Your thoughts become your words. Dreams take shape in your mind, but they come to life in your words. Visualize what you want and then share it with everyone in great detail, using positive, powerful words.

3. Act on Your Words

Now it is time to act. Your actions flow from your words so it’s inevitable. Use the power of words to power your actions. Make a commitment to act on what you think and what you speak.

4. Create Effective Habits

Actions completed daily become meaningful habits. Consistency in completing your actions is more important than the perceived weight of that action. Simple daily choices will become your effective habits.

5. Live Your Lifestyle

Effective habits create a lifestyle of achievement and success. To live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about, you must do more than dream about it. Forming habits in important areas is the key.



Once you apply the Samson Effect to your life, you will never go back to your old ways. You will take on deep blue skies of true transformational change.


Rocky Detwiler

Founder/CEO of Samson Wear & Samson LIFE